Where were you on 9/11/2001?

Hello all,

I'm just wondering where (location) you were when the attacks on the WTC happened? Were you going to work? At work? On the subway? Sleeping?
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  1. Doing a job in LA. I literally woke up watching the one tower smoking, and minutes later watched the second plane come in
  2. I was driving in to work listening to WTOP (news radio) when the first reports of a "small plane" crashing into the north tower were aired. When the 2nd plane crash report came in a bit after 9AM, I immediately thought 'terrorist attack', esp. when the corrected news reports stated that it was a 767 that crashed into the north tower, not a "small plane".

    After parking my car at my office building in Crystal City (less than a mile from the Pentagon), I immediately went up to a fellow supervisor's office who had a TV, and we channel-hopped with a growing crowd outside his door.

    When the third plane crashed into the Pentagon, we were ordered to evacuate the building and go home. By that time, the entire area was gridlocked as the police were not letting any vehicles near the Pentagon, which basically shut down I-395 northbound. So instead of sitting in my car going nowhere, a bunch of us went to a sports bar to watch CNN. I could smell the smoke from the Pentagon fire. When I finally decided to leave around 1PM, tt took me until 7PM before I got home, cell phone not working due to system overload, wife & parents concerned.

    Three weeks later I was one of the first 3 people from my company to fly on official business (recruiting trip to Puerto Rico). Guess I was the most expendable :P. While on U. of Puerto Rico's Mayaguez campus, we got reports of the initial operations against the Taliban, so we decided to cut the trip short and return home.

    Some of my friends were recruiting in California on 9/11, and had to rent a car and drive back to Washington as all flights were grounded. One guy got so tired of the other he actually drove off at a gas station, leaving the other guy stranded :D. Of course he eventually thought it over and returned to pick up the 2nd guy, but they didn't speak to each other for the remainder of the trip.
  3. Coming back to the house from work - in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Ditto jaydeejohn's experience, He in L.A. me 35 miles south in Orange, CO CA.
  5. I was at school on 9/11. My teacher got an email from her husband who worked at the Pentagon about the attack. She let us know about it ASAP, however the Principal,et al decided not to tell the entire school until about 1 hour later.
  6. Walking my dog on a beach in South Carolina . . . when a woman came running up to me and asked if there was a chapel on the island. I told her where, and asked why.

    She said "Because with what's happening now, I need to pray for our country." and she ran off.

    Puzzled, I went home, told my wife, and we decided to turn on the TV . . .
  7. I was also in school that day- high school. I recall sitting in class when another teacher walked in, said turn on the TV and we saw it all- the second plane, etc... For the rest of the day we just sat watching the news coverage on TV. I was also quite worried about my grandfather at the time as well, as he was in the Capitol building when it happened.
  8. I was getting out of school. I was in 3rd grade at the time. I turned on TV, looking puzzled that there were no cartoons on, so I switched to news, there it was, one tower burning...

    I live in Minsk, Belarus.
  9. I was installing NG lines in Toronto and went to the truck for a smoke break and heard the news about the small plane hitting the first tower.
    Funny thing was as i walked from the house to the truck 3 or 4 F-18's flew overhead quite low a rare occurence in Toronto.
  10. Ah, the fighter jets. Where I'm located we have a nuclear plant 3-4 miles outside of town and you would've had to have been dead not to hear the fighter jets buzzing around that day.
  11. One thing I still remember - while sitting in that sports bar watching CNN, a bunch of fresh-out-of-college employees from my company were at another table, drinking beer and joking and partying despite the somber news and images on the various TV screens which they ignored. I guess they were happy to get a day off from work. Felt like walking over and shouting at them to shut their g-d yaps and show some respect.

    Some people are just plain clueless...
  12. I was at home sick, my wife called me on the phone from work and asked me if I was watching TV and I said no, she said I'd better turn it on something bad has happened, when I turned on the TV, I was about 3 min away from the second tower being hit, spent the next 3 days in shock, literally.
  13. I suspect that a vast majority of Americans were in shock and spent hours with their jaws on the floor in front of the TV. It's amazing how in comparison to the Pearl Harbor Attack of 1941 that almost everyone in America knew about the incidents of 9/11 almost instantaneously instead of a day or even days later in comparison to 1941.
  14. 11-22-63. I was in third grade when a lady from the office came sobbing into my classroom and informed my teacher John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. The next day school was closed. I sat in front of our black and white TV screen and watched on in utter dumbfoundation as Jack Ruby assisinated Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV right before my eyes. The true facts of what happened is still an ongoing story. The government will reveal the truth about what occured behind the assassination to the public in 2030 (I believe), but I'm not entirely sure the date is accurate.
  15. I watched 911 unfold and cancelled the rest of the day to watch the CNN live story.

    I was in shock like many ... it was traumatic for my kids too.

    I was trully amazed at hom many emergency, fire and police fought the smoke, falling debris and dragged so many others to safety ... and sadly, how many lost their lives trying.

    We won't forget. We will stand with you.
  16. badge - high school Economics class.
  17. At work in the UK, planning to fly into NY and onto minneapolis on the next Sunday. Ready to go to a sister plant on the monday. Naturally the corporation stopped us flying for a lot longer than the airspace was closed, even though we suggested using the corporate jet :)
  18. I worked for a major airline reservations dept that did not lose any airplanes that day. I had just finished my midnight shift and had stayed to participate in a "Valuing Diversity" class for management. Some one interuputed our class (any plane incident gets our attention) to inform us. After the second plane hit and "everybody" knew what was going on we went into the work areas to help the repesentatives on the phone. Of course helping the customers was our responsibility, wondering if any of our planes were involved, wondering about the other airlines employees, families,friends, wondering about the people on the ground......I can remember it was an eternity of time before the operations areas could confirm that all of our planes were accounted for and on the ground.

    I left around 3 pm went home to try to sleep lol and back to work at 10p. Like others, in a state of shock for days.
    I am no longer at the airline but my wife is. 2 economic downturns and 9/11 have really hurt the airline industry.

    god bless
  19. @ badge, I remember the feeling from 9/11 was an exact parallel to the Kennedy assassination, it felt like we the people had been seriously gut punched!
  20. @4ryan6 exactly. A sense of collective sorrow and heartache even for an 8 year old.
  21. buwish said:
    I suspect that a vast majority of Americans were in shock and spent hours with their jaws on the floor in front of the TV. It's amazing how in comparison to the Pearl Harbor Attack of 1941 that almost everyone in America knew about the incidents of 9/11 almost instantaneously instead of a day or even days later in comparison to 1941.

    You have to realize, back in '41 there was no Internet and the TV media was nothing like the current TV media. It's amazing how fast we can get latest news via the web esp. the likes of BBC,etc RSS feeds. IM, e-mail,etc also probably moved the story a LOT faster than the typical newspaper.
  22. It crashed. No planes were shiot down, but the moonlandings were staged.
  23. laying on the couch drinking chocolate milk.
    I had planned on going to new york the start of September
    but wen skiing in Feb instead. An ex girlfriend I hadn't seen in a year called my house to make sure I wasn't in new york.. I remember that day very clearly..
    it was almost as if it really wasn't happening very surreal
  24. I am happy if people post where they were or what they were doing on the day, (as per the OP's topic) but I will close this thread if the conspiracy theorists get out of hand, or if someone tries to make fun of it, or drag any religious discussion in ... at all.

  25. jsc said:
    badge - high school Economics class.

    Hey, did you serve in Nam?
  26. badge said:
    11-22-63. I was in third grade . . .
    I was a sophomore in college, in the "Student Union". Can still remember the faces around the table, and the silence.
  27. I lived near my school, and remember not being in school, as they gave us the next day(s)? off, seeing the school empty, and feeling somehow the world had changed for the first time in my young life
    I was in 1st grade, and also remember seeing lil John John as they called him, showing the funeral, and wondered how terrible it must be not having a dad
  28. Shadow703793 said:
    Hello all,

    I'm just wondering where (location) you were when the attacks on the WTC happened? Were you going to work? At work? On the subway? Sleeping?

    On my way to work at a hospital in Dallas, TX. Not exactly downtown but still a possible target depending on the scale of the attack. Got to work and stayed the entire shift glued to the news. The events just didn't seem possible and I was in the USAF in the late 70s.

  29. So far from the comments, it seems that most of you were in shock rather than being in fear, so were any of you afraid that something like this would have happened to where you lived (on that day)?
  30. Well, I was doing a job in LA, which was a target that was thwarted as we learned later on, or at least LAX was.
    My home at the time was Baton Rouge Louisianna, which is where 3/4 of all oil is processed in the country, starting at Baton Rouge, going all the way down the Missippi river to the coast, so it too was a possible hot spot.
    I wasnt in fear, I was mad and sad for those who died, yet proud of the people who helped
  31. Not me I am in ATL and there are many other areas that I would think they would have hit on 9/11. Now today, because of the changes in security ec.,t I think that any gathering of people is at risk. A slight risk, but I think those who want to hurt us are not able to conduct coordinated large scale actions therfore smaller attacts will occur.
  32. I somewhat agree with this too.
    Tho, I think after a few, like seen in Europe, it becomes a hardened scenario by the people, and once again, theyll have to go for the outragious/spectacular etc

    They want a bragging point for recruiting, monies etc
  33. Regariding the fear factor, there was a lot of fear going on about getting on a plane after 911 and the chance it would happen again. After 911, My wife cancelled a highly anticipated upcoming business trip to Hawaii that had been planned and reserved much earlier in 2001. My kids were going along and it was to be their first time to Hawaii. They finally made it there last year, 2009. I didn't go due to staying behind to manage the business. I'm like Superman.
  34. There are at least seven contributors to this thread that experienced JFK's assassination in way or another. And yeah JDJ it was like the world had changed in that very instant. I think the adults of the time were shocked and the sadness of the whole thing was immense. The 60's, been there done that.
  35. Wow Twoboxer a sophomore in college on 11-22-63. I wasn't a sophomore in high school until '71 two years before Nixon resigned due to Watergate. That little bump in history filled my senior year with all the more fun already having the reality of Vietnam and the draft to deal with. My wife and I made tenative plans to visit the Nixon library in the next two weeks or so if were not too tired. Hey do you remember hearing FDR saying "a day which will live in infamy." I reckon you would have been born approximately two years after He said it unless you were held back several years in grade school. :)
  36. badge said:
    Hey, did you serve in Nam?

    No. Missed Viet Nam. Spent 12 years in Germany looking eastward.

    On a happier note, I was there when the Berlin Wall came down the Germans tore down the Wall.
  37. @badge: Born 1946 . . . I guess my dad finally got some somewhere around VJ-day lol. I managed to avoid a couple years of grammar school. Yeah, the draft was a life-influencing factor for us back then. I went from 2S (student) to 4A (married, child) avoinding 1A status but signing my whole life away instead of "just" two years :) From my age/perspective, what transpires in government today makes Watergate look almost benign.

    "Discovered" computers in a 1965 Numerical Methods class using a General Precision LGP-30. They've been a constant companion all these years.

    @jsc: Agreed, that was unbelievable to watch, and experience.

    My mother-in-law (German-Polish) had come to America when she was 16. After the wall fell, we brought her back for her first visit at age 80, a long car tour through Germany and Poland. Tears of sorrow and joy in abundance, and all around us too.

    We came back into West Germany the day they closed Checkpoint Charlie down. Still have the photos and the passports/visas lol.
  38. sitting in my dorm room with the door open and a dumb founded look on my face as people started piling into my room just as the second plane hit...

    What about oklahoma city? Just got off the bus from school and saw casualties being drug out of the wreckage... Also a big moment that some people forget...
  39. I was digging post holes for road sign when we took a break we heard it on the radio...we thought it was a joke...oh how wrong we were...then i got to thinking what if the buildings fell surely they would end up falling like a tree.... instead you get a symetrical collapse from assymetrical damage......and nothing but dust??????????????????????????????????????????? Me thinks something fishy...can you say thermidic reaction from Thermite followed up with precision timing charges anyone?? Oh well, we may never know.
  40. Everyone should watch the movie "Loose Change an American Coup" by Dylan Avery
  41. And so the truther spin occurs.
    Not here, please
  43. What he said
    Oh, and I mean it too
  44. oooo..... scarcy bold text ...... I'll take my truth elsewhere...Must be nice to be sheeple
  45. I was leaving the house to go to work. I saw the first tower smoking when I saw a plane hit the second tower. I was then really late for work. I watched both towers crumble to the ground, panic, dust, dirt, crying,anger, people dead and dying, mass confusion.

    Edited to remove material I spoke about before.
  46. Interesting, so pretty much all of you saw the 2nd plane hit the building?
  47. Unfortunately, yes
  48. ^ DITTO
  49. I was in Istanbuul in our offices of an American company. The company logo went down from the lobby of the building the day after and security checks on entering the building went up. I watched the whole thing on ABC with peter Jennings with utter disbelief.
    A year later I was back in Istanbuul and I remember clearly being troubled by the fact I was checking into my hotel and besides me were what clearly appeared to be British RAF officers in full fatigues in prepapration for the Iraq invasion doing the exact same thing. I remembered thinking, the company has put me in the wrong hotel!
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