awesome machine.. now for the games

Okay, I've got my awesome assed machine (P4 HT 3.2 GHZ, 1 GIG RAM, RADEON 9800 XT, 2X 250 GIG WD HDD) but I have realized something... I don't have any *new* games!!! What is the latest most bad assed game(s) out there?

Joseph Karr Gilland
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  1. What type of games?

    For now I'll list some demos that are free so that you can see your rig in action.

    Unreal Tournament 2004
    Far Cry
    Pain Killer

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  2. Thanks for the tips... I've heard some about Far Cry but not much... any good site to download these demos that DONT make you signup / pay?

    Any more suggestions? I LOVE fantasy / RPG games, shooters, strategy games... blah blah. Thanks!

    Joseph Karr Gilland
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  3. You can d/l UT2k4 and Painkiller demo's from their respective websites with no hasle. I'm not sure on farcry, as I just downloaded it from a torrent (the demo).
  4. Call of Duty is highly recommended

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  5. the problem upgrading to a new ninja pc is all yur old games look great but u have already played them so they hold little appeal and playing new games on yur new machine means little cos u never played them on yur old machine so u cant really compare how they would have run on yur old machine to how they are now running.... its a little unfair cos u really wanna go... yes my pc rox but.. u just become unaffected by it all after a day and take it all for granted. cos u arent really able to compare. still its a nice enough system.... for what reason would u need 500gigs of space for tho?

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  6. I have a collection of about 5,000 mp3s and about 200 movies. That's what the 500 Gigs are for. I also do a daily backup of critical files.

    Anyways, I played Far Cry just a second ago, and it looked AWESOME. The only bad thing was the AI enemies were well.. kinda stupid. They would yell that they were out of ammo, I'd hop up to blast them, and it turns out, they were not out of ammo, lol. I also shot one, hid, came back later and he was just standing around like nothing had happened. But oh well, beautiful game.

    Downloading those other demos now.

    Joseph Karr Gilland
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  7. eh? far cry has the coolest AI since half life... u might take note that enemies work as a group, move while covering each other, shoot statistically ie they blanket fire at the area they last seen u/heard u, they use grenades intelligently they will blow up vehicles to prevent you using them and overall i havent seen such brill AI since Half Life and everyone else agress, the only time i can accross a glitch in the game was where u find the jeep 3 guys, if u approach the right way 2 react and one just stays standing oblivious. so... erm... yur wrong about the AI so there :D

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  8. Whos gives a damn about the AI in a DEMO of Far Cry... the fact is, I still need to know of some newer cool games that are RELEASED currently.

    Joseph Karr Gilland
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  9. DUngeon Seige is a good RPG. It looks good as well. Knights of the Old Republic is a nice new RPG.

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  10. Battlefield 1942 rulz!

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  11. tetris is really awesome and i bet you could get 120FPS with that system

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  12. I only have the demo of Need for Speed: Underground but it looks cool. It has lots of eye candy, although the action is much to fast to see most of it unless you are a spectator. This is the fastest racing game I have ever seen.

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  13. its a couple years old, but youd like morrowind.

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  14. Yeah NFS:U is definitely one of the more faster racing games out there

    i DL'd the full versiona nd man when you get to a certain speed(say around 135+) the buildings and background start getting fuzzy givin you the feeling that youre really flying man. its a good game buty gets repetitive after a while as the tracks never really change. but still fun if you like street racing games(story lines kinda cheesy though)

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