Problem with second hard drive.

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I have an E Machines 330 which only has a 20 gig hard disc. I was
recently given another Maxtor 20 gig hard disc which I slaved to the
I copied all of my music and various other (important) files onto it.

All went well for a few days, but then the disk check thing ran one
time I booted up and since then I cannot access the drive. The link
for it is still on my desktop but when I click it I get the following

"D:\ is not accessible.

The wrong diskette is in the drive.
Insert (Volume Serial Number:) into Drive D:\"

I have not changed anything at all, and when I try to right-click the
drive in My Computer, I cannot access it that way either. PLEASE,
PLEASE help!
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    I suggest you use Partition Table Doctor to resolve your
    problem.The software provides very useful functions:
    Backup partition table, Restore partition table, Rebuild
    partition table, undelete partition, Fix boot sector,
    rebuild mbr,etc.

    First thing I recommend you download the demo version of
    Partition Table Doctor.( )

    Run the program and right click the partition and choose fixboot.
    see more:
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