Windows 7 does not boot

Hi, I've asked a question on the Microsoft forums regarding my PC's stubbornness to not boot. Right now, my computer gets an error that says, "Autochk program not found, skipping autocheck." before BSODing to c000021a {Fatal System Error}. Additional information about my computer is posted here:
Does anyone have any idea on what's going on with my computer?
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I was was excited at first when I read the thread til I booted up PTEdit.
    My hard drive is neither hidden nor a wrong type. It is 07. Some partition information on the bottom says:
    Installable File System (NTFS, HPFS), Bootable, 476838 MB

    I haven't even installed any Norton products on this computer ever.
    I hope this problem gets resolved soon, thanks for your helpful reply so far.
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