Which is your favourite Hollywood movie ?

Which is your favourite Hollywood movie ?
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  1. My Favourite hollywood movies are RMS Titanic,Avtar,final destination,harry potter etc. These movies are my favourite movies. these are all the best movie in all over the wolrd. i like these movie to watch.
  2. “The Pianist” is my all time favourite movie and I really like to watch it again. The story of this movie is awesome and I love it a lot.
  3. “Mission Impossible 4” is my favourite movie because in this movie Tom Cruise was did his best in this movie. I really enjoyed the excitements of this movie.
  4. My favorite movie are: 300, 2012, avatar, 10000bc, king Kong, fast five, kung fu pand, evil dead, resident evil, ghost ship, screm, face off, ghost, ghost rider, 80 days, Gia, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Wanted, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Its a movie that i want to see again and again. In this movie the all horrible screen & stunts are fantastic.
  5. harry potter and titanic are my absolutly favourites!!
  6. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back / All the Star Wars movies in general - but I like the Trilogy the most.

    The best in the series IMO and it has the most beautiful soundtrack- especially the Yoda Theme and the Cloud City theme :)
    I think it's just John Williams who gets me every time!
  7. Hachiko - a dog's story, v for vendetta...
  8. Lion King, which I watched that when I was 7 years old and I remember it.
  9. I have some favorite ones. Gladiator was the first that came to my mind. It is a masterpiece because of the story line, drama, action, superb acting, lighting, costumes, special effects, literally everything about this movie is likeable.
  10. any alfred hitchcock movie
  11. Titanic,Hugo,The descendents,Harry Potter,The assassination of Jesse James,Troy,Mr & Mrs Smith....
  12. Ace Ventura
  13. Alien.
  14. “The Pirates of The Caribbean” is my favorite movie and I really like to watch it. The story of this movie is awesome I love it.
  15. Whoever mentioned the Pianist deserves a +1. A very good movie.
  16. The Departed, Good Will Hunting, Troy, Jeremiah Johnson, Star Wars, Sphere, Star Trek (2009), Jurassic Park, Ghost Busters, Murder by Death, Training Day, Space Balls and Gladiator.

    Edit: Sorry for list, but I can't just pick one :(
  17. Final Destination and I love to watch all parts of Twilight.. Titanic is one of the famous movies which is also superb.
  18. I like to watch many movies but My Favorite Hollywood Movie is The Hunger Games.It is action movie.I watched it many times.
  19. Yes, I like so many Hollywood movies. My best Hollywood movies are:-

    1 Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings Trailer

    2 Spider Man

    3 Transporter

    When i get time. I like to watch these movies.
  20. I prefer The Avengers though I'm not a fan of superhero comic books.
  21. Currently i will have to say avenger is my favorite movie
  22. Sorry, I'm not interested in movies because i play the Girl game in leisure time....
  23. "The Great Escape"

    "Where Eagles Dare"


    "Run Silent, Run Deep" < (my avatar says it all)

    "2001 : A Space Odyssey"

    just to name a few
  24. Mine favorite is Twilight. A really nice romantic movie of a vampire and a teenage girl. Kristen stewart as Bella Swan is mine favorite from the movie. I like her so much. Currently waiting for the next movie of this series that must be released at the end of this year.
  25. my favourite Hollywood movie is Mission Impossible...
  26. Terminator I and II
  27. Mission Impossible is certainly a favorite movie of all time. Additionally I like to watch scary movies too.
  28. My favorite movie is Die Hard 4th part.
  29. My favorite movie is Swordfish with John Travolta. Surprised a sequel never came out. Who wouldn't want a beautiful blonde giving you a bj while trying to hack into the DOD lol
  30. Crazy KungFu, Hunger Games, Very Bad trip
  31. Pitch Black & Chronicles of Riddick as well as the Harry Potter series
  32. Tombstone, most Eastwood Westerns, Pearl Harbor, Man on Fire, Bond movies
  33. I love no string attach and love with other drugs and last limitless.
  34. Harry Potter series. They are all fantastic.
  35. my all time favorites are way of the dragon, fist of fury, the great escape, guns of navarone, enter the dragon, game of death, expendibles 2, oliver, saturday night fever, grease, all sean connery films especially james bond
  36. Denialshaw said:
    Which is your favourite Hollywood movie ?

    The Shawshank Redemption
    It's about hope. My favorite movie.
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