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Hey guys,

(UK)I used to watch robot wars a lot when i was younger and have watched a few clips on youtube since which got me thinking - any idea's if this might come back and we can get some new robot wars action!

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  1. I liked that show too.

    I would love to see it back on.
  2. i used to love that series (used to D: what am i on about i still do love it ._.)
  3. never heard of that. is it similar to transformers?
  4. ^ D: could you not have googled first >.< that hurt me :(

    no it has nothing to do with transformers
    basicly people would make remote controll robots and then fight with them
    they always had wheels (easiest way to get around and there was a weight limit) and then they would have weapons like flippers gas powered axes/spikes ramming spikes spinning discs circular saws and sgt bash one of the house robots had a flame thrower
  5. They show it on Dave (UK)
  6. Only remember one: Razor!!!
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