Install OS on SSD, Everything else on regular HD

So I was thinking about this the other day.

Would is be beneficial to install my OS on an SSD, and everything else...apps, games, utilities, antivirus on a second drive?

The reason being that if the OS kernel is on the much faster SSD the OS would run much quicker..

I cannot afford a large SSD, so it is not an option to install everything on an ssd.

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  1. That's what i do, OS (and Warcraft) on my SSD and the rest onto my 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3...
  2. Does it yield a noticeable difference?
  3. Load times for the OS are sick compared when it was installed on the Samsung, Warcraft loads textures a little faster but nothing to write home about...
  4. I have a 64 GB SSD for my OS, a 120 GB SSD for my Steam games directory and a 640 GB mechanical drive for my other crap. To me the biggest performance difference came from the OS drive. Yes, games do load quicker, but the difference isn't as pronounced as it was with the OS. That may have something to do with the fact that most of my games are on Steam and there is probably some sort of delay while authentication takes place out in the cloud. OS load time and general system responsiveness were the things I noticed most when upgrading to SSDs.
  5. Most games are loaded into the RAM. At that point, the hard drive isn't going to have an impact on performance. You'll notice the most benefit when the computer is loading windows.
  6. Thanks for the response.

    I figure Ill install the OS and all the basics, browser, skype etc. on the SSD and leave all the multimedia/games on the HDD.
  7. Sounds good, best of luck!
  8. It amazes me that people who spend hours each day on a computer would spend $100+ on a SSD just to have it boot 30 seconds quicker. That $100 would be better spent on a faster CPU (sell the old one and combine the cash for the new one), more ram, going to a raid, etc, In the end, you would save more time over the hours you spend on the computer by having a faster overall computer than you save by having it boot 30 seconds quicker.
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