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Okay so I recently finished building my new computer and everything works fine but I think theres something wrong with windows. Whenever i put the comptuer to sleep the monitor keyboard mouse they all turn off but my computer still remains on I want it to go to sleep not just half asleep :o
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  1. Have you set your BIOS for S3 mode as opposed to S1?
  2. well no ill try that right now and see if that works
  3. Hmm strange it seems that I cant enter the bios ive pressed every single key F1-F12 and i cant get into bios. i have an MSI 870A-G54
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    Definitely need to enable S3 in the BIOS.

    Press the 'Delete' key during boot to enter BIOS.
  5. okay well i did that and it goes to sleep but to turn it back on i have to push the power button instead of pushing some random key on the keyboard
  6. You may have an option in the BIOS to allow USB devices to wake from sleep. Enable it and see if that works.
  7. And where in the bios will that be exactly. Also thank you for all the help so far
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