Headphones + Subwoofer possible?

I have a razer usb headset and a subwoofer that uses a standard 3.5mm stereo plug. Is it possible to output to both the headset and the subwoofer at the same time? My mobo has Realtek ALC889 drivers.

motherboard Gigabyte P55A-UD4P:
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  1. I can't see how as the purpose of using headphones is to disable the sound coming from the speakers. That somewhat defeats the object of using headphones.
  2. Not sure why you would want a sub going while having headphones on (everyone else in the house will hate you) but to do this you would just need to setup a 2.1 system in the windows speaker configuration.

    the headphones plug into the green speaker output like normal but the sub will connect to the black sub out. you will need to set this up in windows but its very possible as long as you have a sound card or onboard sound that supports it.
  3. lol wtf
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