Cannot boot windows7, even after setting boot priority to DVD

Hello, I have a problem booting windows 7 for my new desktop computer(no OS installed), after setting the boot priority to dvd and inserting the windows7 dvd, the message" marvell port number ........ initializing..... no hard disk detected" appears, then after searching the net, I found the solution which is to disable the marvell storage controller. after that ,the message "marvell port...." no longer appears but then I still cannot boot windows7, even after setting boot priority to dvd, the message "reboot" still appears and if I press a random keyboard key, the dvd-rom's light is beeping, which means that it is connected, but the message "reboot and select proper boot device" still appears and till now I still cannot boot windows7

note: the windows7 is not RC

my spec: ASUS P6TD Deluxe,Sapphire Radeon 4890, LG DVD-RW

any help would be much appreciated, thanks...
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  1. I'm guessing here you have a SATA dvd drive, check in bios for an option to set the drive to PATA compatability mode and try again.
  2. if what jonmor68 said doesnt help try making your dvd the only boot disk (in otherwords, if your dvd is first and something else is 2nd dont have a 2nd only have a 1st)

    I'm new but this worked for me when installing vista a year or so ago i hope it helps you.
  3. try disk in another PC to make sure disk is OK
  4. Your disc or drive is possibly defective. If you have a known good bootable optical disc, I'd give that a try. If it boots, then it's your disc and if it doesn't, then it's your drive.
  5. Finally succeeded in installing windows 7, I'm using USB to install it by following the steps to create a bootable usb device. but still don't know why the dvd doesn't work though, but I'm still curious about the "marvell" thingy, what is that marvell that I required to disable it to prevent showing up the message "no hard disk detected" ??

    anyway, thank you very much for all who's been posting here and help me solve this problem!! :D
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    I think it was a drive issue. I have 2 DVD burners in my system a sony and a lite-on and the sony could not boot the Windows7 DVD no matter what I did but the lite-on had no problems at all.
  7. The Marvell "thingy" is likely a RAID controller built on to the motherboard. Since you don't have any drives connected to it, you'll always get the message "No drives detected" as long as it's enabled.
  8. @lester: Yeah I agree, maybe it is a drive issue, since USB works just fine to install
    @zoron: So should i disable the marvell storage conroller?? what about the Marvel LAN? should I disable it too??
  9. As long as you're not using the hardware, you can feel free to disable it.
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