NVIDIA RAID - Detecting Array... STUCK

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I have a DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra D board

- with a SATA drive and a couple IDE drives hooked up. My machine has
been running for months now flawlessly. I never messed with RAID
before and this was the first SATA drive I owned. But I didn’t have
any problems installing it originally. I reboot today and suddenly my
machine is stuck at

Copyright (C) 2004 NVIDIA Corp.

Detecting Array ...

I assume this is beause I updated the Nvidia firmware at some point
recently and now it seems to think I have a raid array or something.
In the BIOS I have all the RAID stuff disabled. The SATA drive shows
up in my CMOS (A Maxtor) aswell as my other IDE drives. I have the
Maxtor set to boot. But I’m just stuck "Detecting Array".

I don’t want RAID I just want to boot with the one SATA drive. I
looked in my manual to see if perhaps I needed to replug the SATA
drive into a particular spot to avoid RAID but it doesn’t seem to
matter on this board. I even tried to setup a RAID with my IDE and
SATA drives just to be done with it and boot back up. That failed as
well no doubt to my inexperience with SATA and RAID. I’ve read over
many of the posts here and can’t anything that helps.

Anything I can do short of reinstalling windows?

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    "Numina" wrote:
    > *deleted*
    > Problem solved via process of elimination and old school trial
    > and error.

    how did u solve the problem exactly??plz post!!
  2. I have a sata and ide drive connected. Same thing happened to me. I simply unplugged the ide drive. And rebooted with the sata master drive only. Booted right up.
  3. Thanks but i think after 4 years he won't need help any longer.
  4. true that was 4 years ago, however, i am now having the exact same problem, any suggestions? thanks
  5. It's a problem with metadata. If you do not need the contents on the disks, then zero-write them all and you can re-create the metasector.

    If the metasector (last sector on each HDD) contains random data, then nVidia RAID controller won't boot. It expects a data format of its own.

    I should mention that nVidia onboard RAID is of exceptionally poor quality; be sure to have a very good backup or you will experience data loss pretty soon.
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