Serious audio problems :(

hello having some trouble with my onboard audio.. my mother board is m2n68-am with an am2+ cpu.. amd 8750BE oc`d to 3.2.. now the other day i had some music on.. and it made a funny noise .. like a extremely loud buzzing noise for 5 seconds. then the system crashed.. i restarted and the audio wasnt detected anymore and its not showing up in device manager or in the BIOS..... all the drivers are still installed from windows update but it just refuses to do anything at all.. please help people i cant live without the sound :( thanks :D

the onboard soundchip is a realtek HD audio alc662

merry xmas :D
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  1. It sounds like the loud buzz is self diagnosing. I bet the chipset has died...

    You may want to get a standalone sound card...
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