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hi I followd a tutorial on how to dualboot windows 7 and windows XP. basicly my PC has windows 7 and I shunk the C: drive. I then installed windows xp over the new partion. now I cant boot windows 7 becuase the boot manager won't show ( the one that says "selctet youre operating system": (I am just showing this for the pic.) when I turn my PC on it goes straight to windows XP.

I know my windows 7 partion is still there it is on local disc I: it still has all the files intact I just cant boot into it. and I know my PC supports dual booting as it has before.
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  1. oopps my XP is the I: drive nad my windows 7 is the C: drive. this site needs an edit button
  2. Click start>all programs> accessories> Run> type msconfig> in the boot tab set the Timeout value to 30, click OK, restart.
  3. OK i.m trying it. I also noticed I am able to get back to win 7 by chooseing the "repar" option, same for XP but it has to be done every time and 7 is popping up IE 4 times at boot.
  4. its allready set @ 30 nodice
  5. I allready tried editing boot.ini I get a black screem or a shutdown (I do see options and only windows XP works when I select. like I sied before if I use the 7 disc and choose the repair option I can get back to 7 and when I want xp I have to do the same but with the xp disc. I also read in windows 7 it says "Use BCDEDIT.exe to modify Windows Vista boot options" and xp uses boot.ini.
  6. anyone know? I am getting my system unstable from "repairing" it too mutch so I can switch.
  7. Download and install EasyBCD for XP to fix the bootloader, it's free.
  8. If you have the time, install XP and then Widows 7.I guarantee you that it'll work.
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