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I have my Windows 7 installed on my MSI P%%- GD80, i7-860, 2 velociRaptors, DVD, 8GB Corsair Dominator memory, and 2 EVGA GeForce GTX 275's to power 4 monitors. But what I need is RAID. Can someone please tell me clearly how to get RAID 1 on my machine. I tried to install it using a flash drive during the installation. Didn't work, Help. Michael
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  1. I wish someone would answer this request, as I have a running Windows 7 ultimate x64 system I want to go to raid 1 with. If someone would answer it would be very helpful.
    Thanks JerryJ
  2. Michael,

    I've looked over your motherboard manual to find the RAID settings in the BIOS. Here is what you need to do.

    1. Reboot your computer and enter your BIOS.
    2. Enter the Integrated Peripherals menu
    3. At the bottom of that menu, enter the On-Chip ATA Devices menu
    4. Set the RAID Mode option to RAID
    5. Exit the BIOS and save your settings
    6. When you next boot up, you should receive an additional screen relating to settings for the Intel Matrix Storage controller. This is where you can set up your RAID 1 array. The Key combo to enter the configuration options for the IMSC is Ctrl + I.

    Edit: If you already have an operating system installed on your computer, be sure you back up your data first, and be prepared to reinstall Windows. Creating a RAID array wipes all hard drives involved in the array. If the hard drive with Windows installed will not be part of the array, don't worry about this point. In that case, your data will be fine.
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