New posts or read posts? can't decide. (replaced by new s/w)

Read a lot of the Other at work today, and signed out of TGFz. Got home, just signed in, and it's as if I haven't even read any of the damn things. Now it never used to be like that, I could keep both my home and work PC's signed in with no problems.

It's as if it's assuming that everything is new from the time I last signed in on this specific machine, not from the last time I signed into the forum.

Most strange.......
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  1. oh quit, just kidding :D
  2. Yeah, I suggested in another thread that the cookie information for read/unread threads should be stored server side as in TOF.

    It is REALLY annoying to goto Uni (or in your case work) and see that your cookies arn't upto date and you have 30 'unread' threads! :evil:
  3. You could always carry your cookies on a USB mem stick and synch them manually if it bugs you that much. :P

    Just kidding. :lol:

    But yeah, I agree that it'd be nice if it did that eventually.
  4. MS has a new powertoy called synchtoy'... Makes for a slightly less manual update :?

    synchtoy link

  5. A new twist...... Fired up the browser at work and pulled up TGFz. Signed in, and.............. I had no new posts! Not one! From the sublime to the ridiculous......

    Actually, that's better, 'cos I can see from the time stamp what I've read and what I've missed. Gamble it'll pitch me another curve ball when I get home..... :?
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