Can I automate Force Restart?

Every time I want to restart my pc, it hangs forever with me waiting to press FORCE RESTART.

Yes, I understand if I have an unsaved document or excel or whatever, then it's appropriate, but when I have one folder open or MSN, that's too much.
Last time it got stuck on an open folder and because of that it didn't restart.

Any way to do that it will automatically force restart?


P.S. - I chose Windows 7 general discussion, not drivers. If someone can move it to the proper folder please..
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  1. Did you make any recent software/hardware changes?
  2. well, if you could define "recent".. last 2 weeks no changes in the main softwares.
  3. and how long has the problem been happening.?
    and what changes did you make.?
    what USB attachments do you have connected.?
  4. can't say, since I don't turn off/restart my pc that often.
    probably in the couple of last weeks.
    your point is that some software causing it?
  5. i'm leaning towards more hardware right now, possibly something hanging up the system. has this unit ever been part of a network.?
    the USB attachments.?
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