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I have a printer connected to my Windows 7 Pro 64 computer and is shared over my network. I go on my wifes xp 32 laptop, find the printer on the network, and connect to it. The printer driver is already installed on her computer. I print a document on her computer and it does not print. I come to my 7 machine and can see her documents in queue on the printer, which means they are getting here and not printing. They both have a status of Deleting - Sent to Printer.

I can print just fine on my 7 machine. I have both drivers installed on this machine as it gives you the option of installing both x64 drivers and x86 drivers when you share so that anyone connecting to the computer has access to the drivers.

Any idea what the problem is, or is this just a 7 bug?
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  1. I have a similar issue. I have two machines, one running W7 x67 PRO and the other W7 x64 Home Premium. The Home machine has an HP 1018 printer which is shared, and which I have connected to via my Homegroup without any problem. However, when I print from the Pro machine the job completes fine (and shows up on the printer task list) but does not physically print. The only way to print the job is to completely restart the Home machine, and the job would print after logging in again on the Home machine. Bizarre, I have uninstalled printers, drivers, operating systems everything, same problem all the time. Any ideas??
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