Firmware Question about the Argosy - HD363N Network Storage

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Does anyone know how I can edit the HTTP pages that the web interface

I bought this unit to "toy" with and would like to try and do some
customizations to it. I would certainly appreciate the help and would
post any upgrades I make to those who desired them.

I believe this unit is capable of much more that we are currently
seeing from the firmware and I know that tritton tech has contributed
some great updates. I wanted to see what I could contribute too.

Thanks in advance.

email me for any "offline" discussions:
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I think you would have to gain access to the actual ROM. As far as I
    know, it isn't running a Linux kernal, so it's not open source. I
    imagine if you tinker with it, and the OS is proprietary, you may be
    crossing some legal boundries if you release it. That's just my
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