How to install Windows 7 from Ubuntu?

I recently built a new computer and had to take a old hard drive out of another system...this system had windows 7 on it...when i went to boot up it would say "starting windows" then i would see 2 little orbs appear. It would then go on to tell me that i needed to repair my windows 7 did that to no avail.

I do not have a CD/DVD drive in my system at the moment because I do not have enough 4-pin molex connectors (had to use an adapter for my GTX 460, getting new psu soon)

I was told to install Ubuntu onto a flash drive and boot from it...I did and it worked but now I want to get windows 7 back...I have it saved as an .iso on my computers other hard drive and i want to put that onto my flash drive...

Is this even possible?
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  1. It's possible.
    Start your computer from a Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive
  2. Moral of this story is that you need to unplug something that's using a molex connector that's not essential to the operation of the computer. A case fan, an extra hard drive (assuming you're not using a RAID), something like that. Plug in your CD drive to get the thing running again and succeed at life :D
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