WMP 10 doesn't work properly after linking to video clip f..

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Hello .

WMP 10 worked fine when I just installed it , but after clicking on
a link to a video clip from within a website , Windows Media Player
doesn't work even independently : I see "Windows Media Player" in the
taskbar , but the application doesn't appear on screen . Windows Media
is in memory (but I can close it via right-click in the taskbar , then
close) .

I tried to uninstall WMP 10 and install WMP 9 , but I got the same results

How to solve it ?

Thanks in advance ,
Lior .
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.video (More info?)

    I've just simulated a similar problem to the one I described .

    The simulation of the WMP10 / WMP9 problem is included in the .zip file
    (wmplayer.exe file within the zip file) in the following web address :


    Thanks in advance ,
    Lior .
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