Best software for HTPC to play DVD's and Blu-Rays

I has HTPC. HTPC has boxee for web based content. HTPC also has Blu-Ray/DVD drive. Boxee doesn't play Blu-Ray. What do? :cry:
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  1. Give powerdvd a shot. When combined with my moves and AnyDVD HD, and Virtual Drive it all integrates pretty seamlessly. If you just want to play blu-ray disks, then Powerdvd on its own works fine.
  2. PowerDVD is the gold standard for HD & Blu-Ray movies. If you're serious about your video viewing experience PowerDVD is worth the price.
  3. i have power dvd and corel win dvd pro and nero hd...and to tell you the truth the order is nero number 1, wind dvd number 2, and power dvd number 3!nero has played everything bluray i have put in my bluray drive!
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