Windows 7 hangs on starting screen - ASUS P6X58D Prem

Hi I am having a problem very similar to the one here:

I am using the following configuration:
- ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard;
- Intel i7 950 CPU
- Patriot 1600 Ram 4gb x 3
- Seasonic 550W PSU
- 320gb Seagate Sata HDD

This is a brand new install, the windows 7 64 bit install goes well until it goes to restart, says it is updating registry settings and then..... nothing blank screen.

I have my vid card installed but that is it. No USB attachments, one HDD only. I cannot boot in safe mode because windows 7 says that it cannot boot in safe mode for first use. So I cannot update my drivers....

Could the PSU be underpowered? This is driving me crazy because windows 7 loaded on my last ASUS mobo no dramas at all. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Are you using AVG anti-virus with that build?
  2. I solved the problem with a friend. It turned out that it was due to the GPU being powered by piggy backing a GPU with two connections from one rail. My mate realised this and split the power from two PSU rails. Now it works fine. Hmmm.

    I don't think the guys in other thread were having PSU problems so much as they were maxing out a particular rail on their PSU.
  3. Makes sense.
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