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Hi there

Planning on buying me a new digicam and need some assistance please?

Well here are my options . Minolta Dimage A2 , Olympus C-8080 with
telephoto lens
or Panasonic Lumix dmc-fz20 with wide angle lens.

So my question is , does a zoom ring on the lens help for easier or better

Its said that its better to get a good 5mp rather than a 8mp (less noise).

Dslr will work out to expensive including lenses and all.

But any other suggestions will help.


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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.dcameras (More info?)

    Can't speak for the others but the olympus zoom ring is a fake... it doesn't
    physically zoom teh lense, it is just an electronic switch that works no
    different to button on the back of the camera. And it's pretty slow to

    A zoom ring has no effect on focusing, that would be manual focus and a
    faocus ring, which you can do with the olympus. Noise with the olympus at
    anything over 100 ISO is bad, VERY bad in lowlight. I had one for 3 days
    before returnng it and going with a digital Rebel.

    Craig J Hadfield AKA EnglishBob
    Canon Digital Rebel 300D
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