[Solved] Display Driver has stopped responding and successfully...

I recently installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional edition on my system, and have been noticing some problems that I didn't have when I was running Windows XP 32 Bit. (Specs below)

While I'm running games, such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or Wings of Prey, I can only get a little bit into the game before my game freezes (Audio continuing as normal). Soon after the screen turns black, shifts to the desktop where I see a notification that states, "Display driver has stopped responding and successfully recovered". Then I can transfer back into my game, which usually leads to a second freeze, requiring a hard reboot.

I have seen a number of people with very similar issues, some on Vista, and some on Windows 7. I have yet to find a solid response of a solution for the problem on Windows 7.

A couple of the solutions I noticed suggested increasing the voltage on the gpu.. I would much prefer hearing a testimony, or suggestion from someone who is sure that would solve the problem before I attempt it..

Another issue I have been having which could possibly be related.. Whenever I have all of my ram sticks plugged in, my computer freezes soon after the "Windows is Starting" screen. I removed one of the ram sticks, and that seemed to solve the problem temporarily. (I plan on going back to review that once I fix the current issue.) Oddly enough, I saw suggestions for a fix with the ram issue which ALSO involved increasing the ram voltage..

I don't think redownloading the OS would help, as I literally clean installed it yesterday for the first time.

I really hope someone can help me with this issue!

O.S. - Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Processor - Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.66 Ghz (Q6700)
Mother Board - Asus P5N-E Sli
Ram - 4 gigs DDR2
Graphics Card - ATI XFX Radeon HD 4650 1 Gig GDDR2
Powersupply - Antec True Power Trio 430 Watt
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  1. I have the same problem except that i havnt had it happen during a game, it happens to me when im watching youtube vids (i watch them all in 720p HD) It is really annoying especially when i have like 5 fully loaded HD vids and then i have to refresh all of them and wait for the to load again. :fou: *EDIT* I always watch the vids fullscreen

    The problem has only started happening recently, ive had the computer for a while now. I havnt changed any settings or anything and now it just started doing this out of nowhere and also my RAM has also been sorta goin lower than normal recently aswell. Not sure if theres something with these two things goin on or somethin. I was thinking of repairing windows just to make sure all the windows files are right, but i dont want to format coz i dont want to loose my stuff and have to reinstall everything

    Would be great if somebody could find a fix for this

    PC Specs:
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    CPU: Intel i5 750
    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3
    RAM: Corsair DDR3 Dominator 4GB (Eventually figured out, i got the models made for AMD CPU, but yer)
    GPU: Gigabyte Radeon HD5870
    PSU: Antec True Power 750W
  2. Alright, Here is a little update. I recently went through the steps of turning off Windows 7's VPU Recovery system. (Don't forget to create a restore point beforehand!)

    This resulted in a game specific fatal error, and later a BSOD crash. I was at least able to gather the source of the problem: atikmdag.sys.
    Through my previous research, I found people were having issues with this ATI system file, and that replacing it with a new one from the ATI driver package would fix their issues. The main difference with the situation is that all of these people were running vista, while I am running windows 7. Even so, I think I may try replacing this file and see if that fixes the issue.

    The fatal error Wings of Prey threw was a Driver3D error, so I may look further into that as well.

    @Subpk10: Though it is risky, if you want to disable your VPU recovery as well to gain a more accurate crash report then you can follow the instructions on this site.

    The instructions are more specific to giving the VPU recovery a larger delay threshold, which could allow your computer to work the problem out on its own without crashing.
  3. You may want to make sure you have the newest version of the catalyst software.
  4. ATi card on SLI board, isn't that sacrilegious or something.....?
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    Alright I fixed the issue. For anyone with similar problems, I would recommend taking a look at this:

    That is what solved my problem.

    ATi card on SLI board, isn't that sacrilegious or something.....?

    Lol It gets the job done.
  6. Thanks for that. :)
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