Unreal Tournament 2004 Special Edition?

Does anyone know what happened with the UT2004 special edition DVD?
I had pre-ordered a copy (from Best Buy) in mid-February and received an e-mail on March 10th saying that if it couldn't be shipped in a timely manner then the order would be cancelled. Today I received another e-mail saying that the order had, indeed been cancelled. I can't find any other info about it on the web.
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  1. Maybe BB sold through their entire allotment before they got to your pre-order? I dont know man. I pre-ordered from EBGames.com on March 3rd, and it was shipped out today according to thier website.
  2. I think you're right. I've found some other info now that suggests it has sold out. Its surprising, considering I placed an order a little over a month ago. There must've been alot of preorders for it to go that quick.
  3. Best buys supply of SE's were supposed to be first come first served only. There are no preorders or reservations.

    I got one yesterday and was lucky to do so. I had went in tuesday looking but nothing ,Stoped by yesterday afternoon about 2:30 and they had a shelf full of the CD versions. A sales rep approached me and said, "can I help you find anything sir?" I said are you all out of the UT2004 SE's yet? He looked at me strange and said "I dont think we got any of those yet. I looked at him strange and said "dont BS me dude, where are they? he said let me look. In about 2 minutes another guy walked out with a arm full of them (5) and I grabbed one and so did another guy and he put the other 3 on the shelf.

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  4. Bought a copy at Best Buy today at lunch, but I didn't see any SE boxes.

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  5. LMFAO, good for you dude, Tell those Stupid ass F***ers at best buy to kiss your A**
    I dont think them punks want to be bothered. Shouldnt have to kick start them fools to get your stuff. They should know what they are doing. I mean hell, The cashiers at Walmart no thier jobs right?
    Anyhoo, whats special about the 2K4 SE dvd edition? i havent done any reading on it. I just bought reg game yesterday.

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  6. The SE came with a Logitech (I believe) headset (headphones and microphone), and a bonus (woo hoo!) DVD with special features like tutorials on using the map making tools, tips on gameplay and assorted other (mostly) useless stuff. It was listed as the same price as the "normal" version, so you got more for the same price.
  7. Ya, its nothing real special. I liked the idea of the 1 DVD as apposed to 6 CD's, I didnt expect much from the headset, as a matter of fact i have not even opened them yet. Had a nice shiney metal case. A limited edition I guess.

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  8. All the stores in my city said the only recieved enough to account for the pre-orders... mind you I know they all got a few extra, but you won't find them for sale anywhere except on ebay (for a stupidly high price).

    6 CDs sucks, I think they should have put the game on dvd/cd for regular editions as well.. just w/o the extra features and headset.
  9. If you don't want the headset, send it to me. I'll pay for the shipping.

    mmttheocking@hotmail.com :)

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