Current status overload detected

My mobo is an asus sabertooth p67 rev 3.0
i72600 and 16gb ram
psu 750 w

So i decided to updrade to windows 8 from windows 7.. after installation when i hit power button my pc turns on and then turn off.. then i turn on again and the message "current status overload detected, system shutdown after 15 seconds" is displayed.. then i turn on again and load windows normally..
i tried disconnecting, mouse, keyboard, audio, front panel usb but same problem.. (case phantom nzxt)
i updated bios, chipsets, videocard (radeon 6870) and audio.. still the same problem..

I dont know if this is a hardware or software issue.. any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. Sounds like a error generated from the BIOS. The error does not indicate where the overuse of current is. It could be a USB device. Are you using/connecting and charging a non spec USB device. Like a Apple Ipad ? I think they pull 3 times the spec in current off the USB so they can charge faster. It causes PC USB's to get screwed over.

    just a guess
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