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Hey My name is John, :pfff:

Okay my problem is I was surfing the internet and I got bombed like horribly...There was porn every where. But that happens sometimes with certain torrent sites or etc. well any way anti virus thing came up to scan my CPU..only problem was it downloaded itself and ran itself. I tried to alt+F4 the process but was too late. Tried to run my anti virus program but got the display " Windows will shut down in 1 min" After it shut down everything shut down but the Tower and HDD (lights on and fans running)...Then when i turned it off and restarted my computer the monitor just displayed (No Input) :ouch: .. I Checked all the wires even tried other monitors , all with the same result. (No Input) :o . Computer works fine. I can hear the sounds when Windows 7 boots up and other sounds..I can even still here that bitch ass of a trap anti virus program telling me I have to register it..Which pisses me off even more :fou: ...How do I fix this problem when I can't see what I'm doing :heink: . And please don't tell me I have to buy a new mother board because I just don't have the cash or credit. :cry:

This computer was built but not by me but a friend. So I really don't want to mess with the video cards or mother board :non: . I know it was some kind of virus or malware or spy-ware of some kind.I need to know how to kill it blindly. Is that even possible....Please let me know anyone :sweat:
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  1. Have you tried starting in safe mode?(F8) You haven't said.
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