BSOD any help would be nice.

Okay i got a random bsod today and yesterday. Im usually updating drivers or downloading something cause i just reinstalled windows 7 on my new comp. i got a bsod every time when doing those things. It would say something about thread was closed and the numbers would be oxoooo4f or x dont remember. But in my experience most bsod comes from ram. So i ran memtest 86+ 100% complete got no errors. So then i think its my hdd. Every time i start up my comp everest shows me that my hdd temp is at 105C and my comp takes forever to load a software until about 5-10min of cooling down the whole comp it becomes stable. And when i get the bsod it restarts the bios takes an extremely long time to load up. when it does it shows sata ports 1 and 2 (cd drives) and it gets stuck on the 3rd one which is my hdd with the os. Just stays and freezes there (left if on for an hour). Right now im installing windows 7 on the 2tb hdd see if i get the same problem. OH yea forgot when running the og hdd i would trying running regular memtest and it would free at 7% but memtest 86+ would go on for hours and nothing. Seems to me that my hdd is the problem but idk.
i7 950 stock
msi gtx460
asus p6x58d-e
ocz 1600mhz 6-8-6-24 overclocked set manually
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  1. Quote:
    hdd temp is at 105C

    it sounds more like you have a stove rather than a computer.

    what are the rest of your temperatures like?

    hdd temp of a 105C is not normal
  2. Yup tell me about hdd not being temps. Well since i reformated on a diff driver my 7200rpm seems like its dieing. So installed on my 5900rpm for some reasons its faster.. Well no bsod no bsod for about 5hours so far. Temps on i7 idle 43. Gpu 30. Mobo 35. And 2tb hdd is 25c. Seems like my old hdd is dieing.
  3. Sorry to hear about the HDD, but it happens :) .. Time to replace! ;)
  4. yea but the 250gb hdd was about 4years old since i made my xp computer. Luckly I had a 2tb hdd that i got on black friday sale :), but now im saving up to get me an ssd. (going with an OCZ vertex 2 instead of the new ssd III since there is no difference.)
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