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I am running Win96SE. I am uable to start Windows Media Player. When I
double click on the shortcut nothing happens.
How do I uninstall/reinstall the player.
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    I'm running Windows XP, Windows Media Player & Movie Maker 2. I can't run the
    mswmm file in Windows Media Player. How can I convert these files to a file
    that will run on WMP.
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    In Movie Maker, choose File..Save Movie..

    You will have to tell it where to save it and choose the
    quality/filesize you want. The mswmm file is not an actual video file,
    it just holds the storyboard, timeline and clip info used to build the
    movie, but you still have to render it by doing the above.

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    hey i made a pretty cool video using windows movie maker on my new dell
    pc with windows xp. i was wondering how i can share this online. is
    there a site online that allows you to have free storage/sharing? i try
    sending it to somewone while direct connecting on aol instant messanger
    and nothing comes up. barely any files that i try can recognize a
    ..mswmm file. also i have a cd/dvd burning that came with my pc and i
    try to place the file on the burn list but it doesn't recognize it
    either. any suggestions? any way to find a remedy with a low budget in
    mind, if any? thanks.

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