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Hi guys,
In looking over Tom's building your own computer for under $1000 is it possible for a newbie like myself to put one together. It looks easy enough since he is giving you all the specific compents that you need. I don't understand a lot about what motherboards work with what other compontets. But seeing he gives you all this it looks simple enough. Would you guys suggest someone like me attempting this. When he finishes his whole article on assembing the computer?
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  1. Go for it. Putting a basic PC together is not brain surgery. I asked the same question about 5 years ago when discussing PC's with a network friend of mine. His only question to me was could I follow directions and plug stuff in? I said yes and built my own box. I will admit that I made a phone call to make sure I was setting up the jumpers correctly, and another when I installed the OS.

    Troubles a-brewing and I'm left holding the spoon.
  2. I've basically asked myself that same question about three weeks ago. Now, I have my own PC running straight from that article. But, I just made a few changes, such as getting a cheaper graphics card, using my CD-RW from my old PC, etc. Anyways, the total I've paid was about $950.27. I've bought some more things, such as speakers (Creative Labs Cambridge Soundworks for $39 @ CompUSA), and just ordered 2x80mm Sunon fans for better cooling.

    Anyways, I feel that I've had a successful experience with building my very first PC. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. I feel pretty confident now that it's up and stable at 1000MHz (7.5x133).

    BTW, about the temperature stated from the DIYPC article, it says 35°C. On the <A HREF="" target="_new">Swiftech Tests for the MC370-0A</A>, they had <b>3x120mm fans going!</b> That's why I just ordered 2x80mm Sunon fans. They're supposed to have specs of 3200RPM, 42.5cfm, and 36.5dBA.

    Anyways, I'm telling you...go for it! :smile:
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