Change Sig of the week

Change the sig of week pls.

<font color=purple><b>Techie2001</font color=purple></b>
<i>(Forum Techie)</i>
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  1. w00t Change it!!! change it!!! or we'll sick the flasher on you rcf!!!

    <b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
  2. I think you mean <b>stick</b> the flasher to him there pal. not sick.

    nice try though, the insult would have carried more weight If you hadn't stuck a gapingly huge typo smack in the middle - but then again. Never mind.

    <font color=purple><b>Techie2001</font color=purple></b>
    <i>(Forum Techie)</i>
    If it ain't broke, Don't fix it.
  3. Actually it wasn't a typo. I meant sick. Haven't you ever heard of sicking your dogs on some one? It's where they go after them.

    <b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
  4. What, and throw up on their shoes?

    <font color=orange>Quarter</font color=orange> <font color=blue>Pounder</font color=blue> <font color=orange>Inside</font color=orange>
  5. or biting them.

    <b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
  6. Main Entry: 2sic
    Variant(s): also sick /'sik/
    Function: transitive verb
    Inflected Form(s): sicced also sicked /'sikt/; sic·cing also sick·ing
    Etymology: alteration of seek
    Date: 1845
    1 : CHASE, ATTACK -- usually used as a command especially to a dog <sic 'em>
    2 : to incite or urge to an attack, pursuit, or harassment : SET

    Screw you both.

    <b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
  7. U go boy! U won a free flasher!

    NOS and a <font color=red> Ferrari </font color=red> can be fun! :cool:
  8. Nah.. sorry I wasn't present and you have to be present to win... so I guess it goes to the runner up... congrats!!

    <b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
  9. Soz - never heard of that translation before.

    Congrats to flame thrower though for picking up a flasher.

    <font color=purple><b>Techie2001</font color=purple></b>
    <i>(Forum Techie)</i>
    If it aint broke,Dont fix it. :wink:
  10. Bront has had his sig up there for more than a week.

    <font color=red>God</font color=red> <font color=blue>Bless</font color=blue> <font color=red>America!</font color=red>
  11. It's been a lot longer than that.

    :smile: <b><font color=blue> I took an I.Q. test today...It came back negative.</font color=blue></b> :lol:
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