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I have a a semi fresh installation of Vista 32 bit on my new machine, it about 2 weeks old. I just got my Windows 7 upgrade retail from UPS today. Right now I am running on a 150GB Velociraptor as the OS boot drive. I'm waiting for the SSD drives to get cheaper and high capacity, and I will upgrade to one of those in the not too distant future.

I use Windows Vista Media Center also and I have a lot of recording scheduled.
My question is if I install Windows 7 on top of Vista, will it save all of my settings in Media center and keep all of my game and program installations intact, or will I have to start over with everything. If thats the case, I'll just wait and do a clean installation when I get a SSD later on.

And if I do install Windows 7 over Vista, and one day I get a new SSD drive to boot from, how will I have to go about doing a clean install on it with the upgrade version of Windows 7

Or is it possible to install the Windows 7 upgrade on a formatted Drive if I have my Vista CD still?
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    If you go from 32 to 32 you can keep all your computer's settings. If you go to 64 you will have to do a clean install.
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