making menus in Movie Maker?

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Is there a way to make different "menus" on a DVD?
For example, I want to split my Home Video into 5 "sections" so I can
advance quickly to a birthday or xmas or whatever.
When you put the DVD in the player, it will show you the menu options at
start up.

Thanks in advance.
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    You need a DVD authoring program. Moviemaker 2.1 doesn't have this
    capability. Your DVD-RW drive likely came with some software that can
    do this. I am a newbie but have done one DVD menu with a program called
    WinDVD creator that came with my drive. I think Microsoft recommends a
    program called MyDVD by Sonic which is supposed to be good at this
    also. I think there are a couple of freeware programs that can do what
    you want as well, although I haven't had a chance to find or experiment
    with them yet.

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