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Win 7 fresh install boot order

I'm loading Win 7 Ultimate onto a brand new build, my first one. I get to the part where Win 7 finishes Expanding Windows Files, is Installing Features. It then wants to reboot. I let it, but then it boots from the DVD (which I set it to do) and does it all over again. Should I change the boot order back to start with the hard drive after this step? Or something else?
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    take it out at that point it is done with the disc....when it reboots make sure you already took the disc out!
  2. it is done with the disc when it goes to reboot take it out and it will finish the install when it boots back up!
  3. Okay, got impatient and re shuffled the boot order. It came back up, but I noticed it listed two Windows 7 on the HD. It automatically choose one, and is is the process of finalizing the install right now. I took the DVD out at this point.

    Any concerns from here on out? Should I worry about removing that other Windows 7 instance later on? A menu said something earlier about "your windows files will be kept in Windows.old" or something like that.

    UPDATE: Rebooting for the 3rd time, that's a good sign ;)
  4. yes you should reformat and do a clean install then install it like i stated then you will be fine!
  5. with 2 win 7 installs on the drive you might run into issues with activation among other things!
  6. Duly noted. Got a guide for reformatting?
  7. WHEN you first boot up your win 7 disc choose custom installation and it will give you the option to format
  8. make sure you delete any partitions that it shows then reformat and this will lead to a clean install!

    here is a great link!any issues message me i'll be glad to help!

    welcome to toms!
  9. Thanks a ton.
  10. you bet hope it goes well!
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