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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
October 1, 2001 6:16:38 AM

I've got a MAG Innvision DX700T (17') Monitor. It seems that it is gradually getting more and more fuzzy, and not just around the edges. I checked the MAG site and didn't get much help. It suggested that I either had an underpowered video card, (I have a Elsa GeForce2 GTS 32meg), that I needed to update my drivers (I have the newest set) or that I needed to send the monitor in for repair. Right now that would cost more than the monitor is worth. Any idea what the problem is or how I could fix it? .

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October 1, 2001 9:38:21 PM

wow....that stinks..
try the monitor on a friends computer, or throw in a different video card if you have one laying around...just to see if what they are saying it true...
my dad has this really cheap monitor that fry's told him would be the best deal for his computer when he bought it...(he wouldnt let me build him one, so he bought a hp6535c, biggest mistake i think)
that monitor that they sold him cost like 175, had a horrible picture, and was not .25 dot pitch, they told him it was, but it is rounder than the .27 that i have...but then again, mine is a viewsonic...hehe
his also had that damn fuzzy problem around the edges, and i think that it started to spread towards the center, and then finally the damn thing died...the tube stopped working...the light on it turns amber when it is plugged in, then green when the computer is turned if it was working...but the tube doesnt even start to glow... me an excuse to get him a new monitor...and this time, i think that i am going to have a say in what he more listening to the sales people. anyways, for the most part, i think that i know more than the people that are working in there...for the most part...i havent met all the people that work there..hehe
but i would say to test that thing on another computer, or another video card, just to see if it is the video card or the monitor...then i would say that if it is cheaper to get a new one than to repair that one, i would say to get a new one, because even if they fix it, it might not be completely like it was...and it might not last much longer...
good luck, and i hope that you dont have to get that thing fixed....


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October 1, 2001 10:03:26 PM

Take the advice above and try it on another machine, however I think you'll find the graphics card is not at fault.

I used to work with systems that used Mag monitors, and generally they sucked. Losing focus over time was a common problem.

You may be able to get the focus corrected but you'll probably be doing your eyes a favour if you replace it with say, a budget Samsung model (just my preference). Philips are OK too although their focus is a little 'soft' for me.
October 2, 2001 3:57:11 AM

Actually I just was given a Hitachi Superscan Elite 751. It was a leftover at work. Has a 19" aperature grill goes up to something like 1600x1200. Pretty sweet actually. I don't seem to be haveing any signal problems with it so it will probably be my primary monitor from now on. Maybe I'll see about getting the other fixed or maybe I'll just trash it. Anyway, thanks for the help. If anybody has any ideas about a cheep way to fix it though I'm still interested.
October 2, 2001 5:55:59 AM

well, you might be able to fix it, and maybe a monitor repair place will buy it from you for parts....
just call around, and see if any of them buy used monitors for parts, and see which one will give you the most for your stuff...
also, nice deal for a free monitor!...
sounds pretty sweet...i am jealous!!!!!
i could use a free 19" monitor...ehehehehehehe


-Vacuums suck...really...-
October 4, 2001 12:16:25 PM

This is normally quite a simple problem to fix by a TV shop or a confident (and sensible) user

!!Warning!! when working on the inside of a monitor be carful even with the power turned off!!

1. Unplug the monitor from the mains and PC.
2. Remove the back cover.
3. Locate the HT tranformer (this is normally a covered in black plastic and 3"x3"x4").
4. on the HT tranformer you will see 2 POTS (look like plastic screw heads) one is for adjusting the Focus the other for the Brightness.
5. Plug the monitor into the mains and the PC and adjust the focus by using a phillips head screw driver to turn the POTS and whtching the screen (or having your friend to watch the screen).
6. When the screen is in focus disconnect the power and signal cables and replace the cover.
7.Power on and check it's still in focus.

If the monitor starts to drift out of focus again then it probably has other more serious problems and will need a visit to the shop or replacement.

Good luck!

P.S. be carfull what you touch the HT leads can carry 25k+ Volts on a 17" CRT.

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