Sony vaio screen upside down

My cat walked across the keyboard, and now the screen is upside down. I tried to do the thingy of going into cotrol panel, but don't have video card ad no program icon...wth?
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  1. ctrl+alt+arrow keys according to google, I can't get it to work, but i'm dual screens so it may not be the same.
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    When the computer screen flips upside down, make sure not to burst a blood vessel in anger. Try to keep the profanities in check.


    Simply press CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow to fix the screen. To prove this works, press CTRL + ALT + any arrow key to flip the computer screen in any direction you want.


    Proceed to play jokes on your friends by flipping their computer screens when they are not looking, then tell them "That's not good, dude."

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  3. Goto Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display.
    Click on "Change Display Settings" on your left and choose a flipped orientation.
  4. Worked for me thanks!
  5. ctrl + alt + arrrow(up) worked for me thanks you very much for the post.
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