Upgrading from vista Home Prem.64 to Win7 Home prem64 Please help

I recently just received my free upgrade cd from microsoft... I ran the compatibility program and everything was green and fine.
I was downloading for like an hour and a half and got to "transfering programs and files" and at 63% , the screen said it was resume after a restart.. and i thought that was fine because it restarted before.

Right after the "windows is starting" page , and the logo thingy, i get a quick 2 second BSOD and i can't even read it and my computer automatically restarts. And then i go to the page, " upgrade was not successful, "something" restoring back to original windows"

This is so depressing =[ i was like 85% done with the entire installation and it fails at the last step... Please help!

Does this have something to do with antivirus/torrents/drivers/overclocking ?
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  1. I believe when an in-place upgrade attempt fails, the installer logs the reason for the failure and places a copy of that log on your Vista desktop. Have a look for it and see if it says why it failed.
  2. unfortunately i can't find any log on my desktop ... is it located in a folder or something ?
  3. Strange... should be right on the desktop, saved as, if memory serves, an html file.
  4. well, on another website, they said to search


    and when i clicked on the file, it was a longggg list of all these commands ive never seen before... could that be it? It was in one of those notepad files.

    i can't even copy the entire thing... the file is too big lol. It would prob. take me like 10 minutes just highlighting it.
  5. check Problem Reports and Solutions too
    and see if there is anything there...
    i'd create a restore point and try again
  6. ^ problem reports and solutions didn't detect my fail upgrade i guess ...

    I tried twice and i failed both time at the same percentage. Do i have to just buy the full version of Win 7? So i'll have vista and windows 7 on my hard drive ...
  7. i always recommend installing a fresh OS, never upgrading
    little pieces of Vista can remain and be unused slowing down your new system
    and its a fresh start.
    You can use the upgrade CD to do a fresh install, then just move all your documents, saved games, ect. over
  8. eek so should i move all my documents over to my external and then just fresh install ?

    and what would i have to move over? programs, word docs? what about my antivirus? and like registry stuff like that
  9. Is your machine OC? If so set your BIOS to auto and then do the install. Also make sure Vista is up to date with its updates.
  10. leave your registry, don't ever move that, all your documents you should move to an external, compress them first so they take up less space.
    You can't just move a program, you have to reinstall it on the new OS.
    You can always create a new partition for the new OS, and once its installed, you'll be able to access the partition w/ the older OS, and just copy your documents directly over. no middle man.
    Once everything is copied, just delete that os (and remove it from startup in 'msconfig') and expand the partition to the whole drive again
  11. okay thanks.

    And what do u mean by creating a new partition for the new OS ?

    @ baddad - Yeah i overclocked my i7 tot 3.2 GHz ... what do u mean set my BIOS to auto? do you mean make it stock clocks?
  12. ahhh i found my problem!! It was freaking kaspersky antivirus 2010... i disabled it before but that doesnt work... i had to DELETE it completely.

    Now i'm enjoyin windows 7 and i really like the customization =D

    Now my problem now is that i can't re install my antivirus .... any ideas?

    It says: error opening file for writing
  13. If you have an active subscription with Kaspersky, contact them regarding a Windows 7 compatible version. If your subscription is up, I would suggest you look at other Antivirus clients such as VIPRE, NOD32 and (I know i'll get flamed a bit for this one) Norton 2010.

    Despite what the Anti-Symantec camp will tell you, Norton 2010 products are vastly improved in terms of system resource usage. If you have used past iterations of their Antivirus and Firewall products, and you're still a bit sour about it, I can't say I blame you, but that option is open again.
  14. i had to download the newest version from their website

    Thanks for all the help guys!

    I got this 2010 version for free :P It was $60 on frys.com and it had a $60 MIR lol
  15. a strange issue to have come up...
    glad u figured it out
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