Extremely weird Windows 7 boot

It's been happening quite a lot lately.

When I try to turn on my computer, all the fans start to blow like crazy non stop, the computer doesn't boot, just a black screen.
I have to hold down the power button to shut it down.
The only thing I realised to make it boot is to remove the 20 pin power connector from the motherboard, plug it in and try again. :??:

Any chance anybody knows something about this??

Not sure it's the right place for the thread, sorry :)

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  1. This is a hardware problem so not the right section. Anyway, are you saying that pulling the 20 pin connector and putting it back in solves the problem at least temporarily?

    Do you have a PC speaker installed on the motherboard? If yes, what beeps do you get?

    Try running the computer with minimal components. Remove all external drives, run with minimum RAM chips and no add-on cards than needed.

    Make sure the connections are correct and firmly seated. Make sure nothing is loose, e.g. CPU fan, etc. If you think everything is good, then it could be a long thread.
  2. Yeah, pulling out the 20 pin helps it start up.

    Yes I have the speaker, and it does not beep when this happens.

    Not quite sure if removing things help, unless its a PSU problem too low watts? :??:

    Rig: ATi 5870 /// AMD Phenom II BE X4 at 3,8 /// Asus Crosshair III MB /// 2x 1TB Harddrives in Raid /// 1x 500gb /// 3x 200 MM fans /// 2x 2gb OCZ DDR3 Ram /// Standard DVD drive ...

    That runs in a 550 Watt PSU Corsair ..

    Heard that I was covered, but maybe not???
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    Yes you should be covered if your PSU is faulty. But you can try the steps above if you want to and then RMA the PSU and then motherboard if that fails too. But above steps may help you narrow down the problem component, if any.
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