Problems after installing a new video card

I recently upgraded my video card from a 4890 to a 6970. I loaded all the drivers and stuff. Now Aero is off and won't turn back on. When I run the Aero troubleshooter, it results in a "A problem is preventing the troubleshooter from starting" message. The Windows Experience Index is also not working. When I try to run or refresh it, I get a message "Could not measure video playback performance". I tried searching the web, but had no luck. Does anyone know what's up with this?
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  1. Try installing a previous driver. I've had a lot of problems with AMD's 'new and improved' drivers not working.
  2. I tried 10.10 (I was using 10.12), but it didn't work. I'm not really sure what's wrong. I don't want to reload Windows, but I would also hate to just ignore it.
  3. I know this is an old topic, but I just wanted to give an update. Reinstalling Windows completely did not change the situation. It still comes up with the exact same message. Is there anyone else getting this message after installing a new video card? I've tried various drivers, but nothing seems to help. I know it's not the most important test, but it bothers me that it won't work.

    By the way, I got Aero working with the most recent driver update. WEI is now the only problem.
  4. Go to the device manager. Double click display adapters. What do you have listed under display adapters?
  5. In Device Manager under Display Adapters it says "AMD Radeon HD6900 Series". I have 11.2 drivers installed right now.
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