How to install Win 8 from an HD to an SSD Same PC

I was wondering if there's any special steps required for optimal installation of Win 8 after you already installed AND activated it.

I wanted to give Win8 a try, but since i do a lot of my work (Maya,After Effects,Photoshop,Lightroom) and gaming on my PC i was skeptical and wanted to install it in something other than my Main drive first so i could test for compatibility issues, so i installed it on another HDD i have on my PC, so i tested everything and everything works fine, now i want to replace my existing Win7 partition on my SSD, but it rose the question, how would this work? since i already have Win8 installed and activated on my HDD, how do i uninstall it so it allows me to reactivate it on my SSD, and for uninstallation do i just format that and install on the SSD and that's it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. -Either reinstall a OS and then upgrade using your upgrade key. (best method)

    - put in your new drive, install the windows 8 media you already have
    - when you get validated you might get a error, take the error code and google it to find
    what registry setting you have to change

    Change MediaBootInstall from 1 to 0

    and the command you need to rearm the license
    something like slmgr.exe /rearm

    then try to get your OS validated again with your key.

    look at slmgr.exe /? for options but it looks like the slmgr.exe /ato "your key goes here" will run the activation
    or slmgr.exe /atp to have the software prompt you for the key

    then run slmgr /dli to see that your system is correctly licensed

    -Or you can call Microsoft and they can remote to your machine and do it for you. (they do this when clean installing for the reason of when you want want to go from 32 bit to 64 bit and have to do a clean install but already had a OS so you want the upgrade price)

    I just went with putting on a old OS (windows 8 consumer preview) on my SSD, it was fast took 10 mins, then ran my upgrade disk
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