Status Light stays on! (replaced by new s/w)

The status light (red) seems to stay on in this " Bug Reports & Resolution" forum/section - I have read everything, no red in any thread & I've clicked "Mark all topics read" several times ... in this one section the light /red status icon stays on on the "Home -> Community" page.
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  1. The above post was with Opera ... I logged out and back in with Firefox ... and all lights turned off when I read the threads ... go figure :?:
  2. Ok, I'm back with Opera ... read the above and went back to main page ... the light was "out" (no color) now ... Opera can be weird at times.
  3. This entire cookie problem (which I experience still - i.e there were supposidly no new posts in here, but I look and there is this thread) could be fixed by moving the data onto the server ala TOF.

    This would be better because:

    Unread / Read thread problem would be solved
    Using muliple machines to view the forum would work seemlessly
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