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Hi all,
not sure where to put this.

I was playing online last night on dow2 an my system crashed, it just froze and my speakers was making a bussing sound. i left it for a min to see if anything would happen but nothing did. in the end i had to hard boot through the on button.

after this i could not load windows back up again kept crashing at the logo.

I did a complete wipe and install as all my data was backed up.

Everything installed ok but seemed to take a while to install windows 7. once it was all installed i downloaded i installed some drivers and it asked me to restart the system so i did.

Whwn the system restarted the first part of the post takes a long time where it states detacting hard drives and ide drives and so on, in total it must take about 60-70 seconds on this part along but then after that it goes as quick as usual.

the system once loaded up runs fine and all temps are ok (checking through pc wizard).

does anyone know why the crash happened ( i know it could be many things ) but more important is the system post, i need great help with this as i have no idea.

Thanks for all your help
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  1. seems to of sorted its self.

  2. The Windows 7 event log has much more detail in it than under XP. You were too quick in wiping and reinstalling. I would have pulled the drive and plugged it into another PC and looked for that log. Once you wiped it you lost any chance of understanding what MIGHT have caused the issue. If you didnt have a PC you could have just installed Win7 enough to find the log and take a look at it, then do a wipe and reinstall.

    When Windows stalls at the logo it is usually due to a driver or hardware issue. This matches up with your crash. I have had those crashes go so far as to corrupt the partition and Windows cant boot.

    My point is to not be in such a hurry to reinstall. A few minutes looking at the logs might (not always) help you to sort out why it failed.

  3. hi thanks for the info,

    i was running windows 7 when it happened, i tried about 8 times to get the system to boot but it would come up with the logo and stop so, i tried in safe mode and still the same but every thing seemed fine in the bios.

    i stripped the system down and gave it a good clean and made sure all the connections was in, then i turned the system back on and still the same.

    After 2 days of problems i decided to do a clean install as the first install was only done 2 days before the crash and nothing was on their apart from updates drivers patches and a game.

    since i did the fresh install i have been running the system and not a single problem.

    I did find out however that their is a problem between the gtx460 and dawn of war 2 that crashed the system. many of people have said this has crashed the system and some have had the same problem as me.

    the new nvidia beta driver came out this month and seems to of sorted the problem.

    thanks again
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