Gaming issues with Linksys BEFW11S4!

I've just helped a friend install a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router for sharing a Cable Modem and doing some LAN Gaming between his own PC and his 2 Kids PC's, no internet gaming is played.

Surfing the internet is fine, it's just LAN gaming is suffering short 'disconnections' during gameplay which pause the game for a few seconds before carrying on? We only tried SOF II and Warcraft 3, but it didn't matter which one we played the same thing happened. One perculiar thing we noted was that any player who is 'hosting' the game doesn't see to suffer these disconnections?

The setup is like this:

All PC's running XP PRO, 128mb or more RAM with min CPU an AMD XP1800+ and GeForce 3 or better cards.

The main PC is downstairs connected to the router's Port 1 via a standard PCI 10mbps realtek NIC and CAT5 patch lead, Cable modem is plugged into the routers WAN port. latest firmware 1.43.3z flashed in (we used the european firmware as we bought the router in the UK)

The other 2 PC's are upstairs and both connect to the router via a wireless USB adapter (WUSB11), signal strength reads 'excellent' on the software indicator, latest USB drivers for these adapters installed.

DHCP is used to resolve IP's, all PC's can 'see' each other and share drives/files/folders and use the internet, I just can't find a reason for the gameplay pauses? No one is surfing the net or doing file xfers over the network while they are gaming.

Any Wireless LAN gaming Guru's out there any idea what the problem could be?
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  1. i have the same problem but for when i'm playing on the internet. and now i have my USB adapter and the access point in the same room and i still have problems.
  2. hey i just tried something and it worked. i went out and bought a pci network adapter and i haven't had any problems. you should try it.
  3. Too right!

    We decided a few days ago to buy three Linksys LNE100TX 10/100mbps PCI NICS for all three PC's and cable them up to the routers inbuilt 4 port switch, and judging by your reply we made a good decsion as well!

    Thanks for the encouraging news :)
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