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Hi I was upgrading my old laptop to windows 8 from a usb drive. During the installation process my computer died and upon restarting it while it is loading, at the windows logo, it says that there was a problem during installation and to re start to continue with the installation. Then it proceeds to restart and do the same thing again. It won't let me boot in safe mode. I think this is because the files are on a usb. I have tried to change it so it reads the usb first but I am having no luck. Does anyone know something I don't or am I out of luck?
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  1. Sounds like you may have to restore your laptop to original OS and start again. But assuming you have the complete W8 installation on your USB stick you should in theory be able to complete a clean install. Try Shift +F8 at power on, but be persistent, and if it looks as if it is not going to give you the Advanced options menu, power off by holding down the pwr button for 5 secs. In fact it should give you the Advanced Options Menu after 3 attempts to boot. As you've discovered, unless you can get Windows to run, it's very difficult to get into Safe Mode! Once running you can alter the Boot to enter Safe Mode on Restart, fat lot of use if you can't boot...
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