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I had an old Dell computer that I installed windows 7 on. There were two issues that bugged me the whole time that 7 was on the machine.

1.) Icons would dissapear and in its place would be the “no type associated” icon. ( The image on the top). Some of the programs that it would do it for were MSI Afterburner, foobar2000, Supreme Commander, ect. It drove me nuts.

2.) The busy cursor would not animate (The bright light in the circle was stuck) after being logged in for a few minutes. The only two things that would fix it were to log out and back in and to select another set of cursors and hit apply then change them back again and hit apply. I also tried downloading different sets of cursors that helped other people with no luck. I even copied the cursors from my Vista Laptop and switched the RAM around to no avail. I even re installed 7 once for a combination of reasons and it didn't solve the problem.

Both problems occurred on any user I had on the computer, and even new users had the problem.

Well when i built my new computer (Nothing was transfered to the new computer besides the 2 old Optical Drives and the 750GB drive) i thought that I would get away from the problems that have been driving me nuts for months and months (Maybe it was some weird incompatibility). Nope. A clean install with Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade (From the Dell HDD that had my Windows 7 on it) and im still stuck with the same problem.

My Specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium
MSI 870-G45
AMD Athlon II x3 445 3.1Ghz
4GB G. Skill Ripjaw Series 1600
64GB Kingston SSD (Boot Drive)

If anyone has a solution to either one of the problems it would be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Just to be sure right click desktop-highlight "View" and be sure you have a check mark by "Show Desktop Icons"
  2. Yep I have a check mark there
  3. Deleting the icon cache file seemed to do the trick for the icons.... And the cursor thing seems to happen when i open ANY game... Sometimes does it when its been logged in for a while.
  4. :lol: tried getting the cursors from my 7 netbook... And that didn't help either... Anyone have any solutions or ideas??? :)
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