d-link DWL-g650+ crashes windows at starting up

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I have a dell laptop and a d-link wireless card and router. I have a problem
that when the d-link card (DWL G650+) is inserted in the machine windows
fails to start. When i take out the d-link card it starts up fine.
Sometimes it will start although its pretty rare when it does the d-link card
connects and the web can be accessed but after 5 mins it freezes the computer
and then i have to restart by turning off the power and then if i leave the
wireless card in it fails crahes windows on start up. I have tried d-link
support but nothing. The card seems to be working but before i do take it
back to try another one i'm wondering if anyone has had the same problem.
Have tried uninstallinig the software and re-installing it but thats hasn't
helped. My computer seems slower than normal since it has been installed
despite doing defrag and clean up on the hard drive...... waiting for it to
start up is like waiting for god......

Hope someone can help

Many thanks

Phil M
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windows.networking.wireless (More info?)

    Actually Phil, it sounds like maybe you have an older driver. I would
    search the internet for a newer more up to date driver for the card. I
    think if you find a newer driver things will then work for you. The other
    issue you may want to check is that the card is on the Hardware
    Compatibility List. This list can be found on the Microsoft site, just
    search for HCL.

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