Will office 2003 work on windows 7

Hello, I have just bought a Microsoft Office 2003 professional disc for my new, 64 bit, windows 7 laptop and now I am wondering whether I have done the right thing? Will it work under all my circumstances?
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  1. Check out this link. It goes to the Windows 7 compatibility center and will be able to tell you what works with Windows 7 and what doesn't. I am not seeing Office 2003 Professional, but take a look at it still.


    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
  2. Hello jamesisconfused;
    THG forum members have reported that Office 2003 runs fine on Win7 32bit and 64bit.

    Optional question for you: Where did you get you copy, and how much did you pay?
  3. I got office 97 to work so anything is possible.

    Like WR2 said be careful that it isn't a fake.
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