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Windows 7 freezes during installation just past initial logo

Hi all!

So here is my situation:

I just installed a new SSD that I received for christmas a few days ago, and put a few programs on it. I boot windows XP from my current HDD. I also have a copy of windows 7 that has only been used once, so I was going to use another one of the installs from the disc for my computer. I wanted to put windows 7 on the new SSD, while leaving xp on the old HDD. I would then just make the SSD have boot priority, without having to worry about formatting the old HDD etc.

Well, when I put windows 7 in, and choose to boot from disc, it'll show the black screen where the loading bar goes to completion, then switches to a black screen where the colored balls form the windows logo, and finally the screen turns blue with some slight designs in the back (I believe it's the default windows 7 wallpaper). The mouse icon shows up, but that's it. I can hear the disc stop spinning, and no additional windows pop up allowing me to complete installation and everything.

I've tried doing my research already, but can't find anyone else who's screen freezes at the same spot as mine (most freeze at the windows logo, so it seems). I've reset all BIOS settings to default. I've tried making the SSD have boot priority over the HDD but it still freezes at the same spot. Everything I've done cause it to freeze at the same spot, actually.

My only other idea is to possibly remove all RAM sticks except one, and try it from there. But I didn't want to start playing with my computer's "guts" until I ran out of options.

And yes, I've triple checked that all of my hardware is compatible with windows 7.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Have you waited long enough? On some motherboards the screen does freeze at this point while (I think) that Windows tries to sort out its resources. This can take a long time and can also occur at two places in the installation setup. Try waiting up to half an hour to be sure. If after that time it still does not respond then I would suspect that you have memory problems, try running memtest86. Windows 7 is much more critical of memory than Windows XP.
  2. Another problem- if your BIOS has the floppy drive enabled, it will take a LONG time to install Win7. Go into your BIOS and tell it that you have no floppy drives and then try it again.
  3. Excellent! My problem was indeed patience. It took roughly 15 minutes until anything popped up, but it did sure enough.

    I've run into yet another problem now though. It says that I'm not able to install the operating system onto my SSD, which is installed, has over 40gb of free space. Is it because I have it installed as a "dynamic" drive? I can't think of any other possibility.

    Once again, the tomshardware community never lets me down. thanks again all!
  4. Did you click on the new button to partition the drive, and then format it?
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