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Ok I have one machine on windows 7 x64 and one on Windows xp x86. Windows xp has its c drive shared to 7. I have now tried 2 virus scanners to do an in-depth scan of the shared c drive but in both instances they only bother to scan 300 files and then it just stops for no reason, is there any virus scanner that will scan the entire contents of the shared network drive. I have tried thus far eset and security essentials both behaved in the same manner and scanned hardly any files and just finished. Has anyone got any tips or maybe know why this is happening as i am a little stumped at the minute and can;t see why these scanners are behaving in this manner.
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  1. does anyone know of a virus scanner that will connect to the machine and check everything files registry the lot?

    emco network malware software seems to do thisa but isnt a complete virus protection solution can anyone recommend one don;t mind paying for decent software,
  2. malwarebytes
  3. Is that a full virus scanner as well as just malware? ill give it a go.

    it does a little of everthing!
  5. Why scan across network, install AV on the XP machine and let it scan its own files on access and on a weekly scheduel.
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