Windows 7 - OEM vs Retail?

Getting Windows 7 tomorrow, but just wondering... is there a huge difference between the retail and OEM version other than the price and the ability to only install on a system ONCE? And lack of support?

I have a new system that I built myself and I just hope that everything installs correctly the first time. I don't see much of a point in getting retail as I only ever intend on using it on MY system. I do, however, intend on upgrading some of the drives in the future...
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  1. As long as you understand the limitations of the OEM version and you are okay with them, then I recommend you save some $$$ and go with the OEM version. The products are identical otherwise. Good luck!
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    The limitations of an OEM license are:

    Can only be installed on one computer (the first computer you install it on is the one it is then tied to). You can however, reinstall it on that computer as many times as you want to, or need to. If you buy a new system (Microsoft defines a computer by the motherboard), you must buy a new copy of Windows.

    No support from Microsoft (because you are supposed to be selling the computer to someone else, you are the one providing support for it)

    When buying the copy of Windows, you must specifically buy the 32 or the 64 bit version (both disks come in the retail version of the product).
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  4. I understand now - thanks.
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